ADHD Coaching for Women

Are You a Woman Ready to Reclaim Her Time, Her Tasks, and Her Life?

If you have passionate dreams and brilliant ideas, but you’re frustrated by procrastination, lack of focus and difficulty following through, it’s time to get in the driver’s seat once and for all! I help women take charge of their “out of control” lives … women who feel scattered, overwhelmed, and out of their depths trying to keep their heads above water in their careers and personal lives.

Removing distractibility, procrastination, and clutter from your life may seem impossible, but trust me…Productivity is within your reach!

Imagine releasing the frustration and shame and finally being able to skillfully manage your time, your stuff, your career and your home! Imagine how it would feel to finally feel focused, confident and in control of all areas of your life!

Have you ever thought to yourself…

  • I just can’t seem to stay focused on anything and get things done!
  • I’m gripped by procrastination – I tend to do things at the last minute – if I do them at all.
  • I have trouble making decisions – I don’t know what to do first, what to prioritize, or how to organize my time.
  • I’m often late for appointments, and I’m getting a bad reputation because of it.
  • “Easy” tasks are difficult and draining for me. Just getting started on something can be a major challenge!
  • There are areas in my home that are so cluttered they can’t be used for their real purpose.
  • Depression and frustration keep creeping in because I am a woman failing as a mother, a wife and an employee.
  • I want so much more than this for my life…Am I ever going to get it together?

If that sounds familiar, then I know you would like to…

  • Develop routines which really work for you and implement them on a daily basis.
  • Reach a new level of efficiency in your work and home life and reap the benefits!
  • Meet deadlines and be on time for appointments.
  • Get started on tasks when you need to get started – in a timely and smooth manner.
  • Set priorities so you can stop being “busy” and actually become productive!
  • Organize your life in a way that works for you so it’s possible to stick with it.
  • Leave behind the negative self-talk and replace it with motivation and strategies that get the job done.
  • Be a confident person who can face the day with hope and passion!!!

Is your dream life buried under clutter, half-finished projects, and missed opportunities? It’s time to stop struggling to get through the day!

Women who work with me are smart, creative, dynamic people who…

  • Find it hard to prioritize – so they take on more than they can get done in a day.
  • Want to stop procrastinating and “get the job done”!!
  • Have tried many time management systems but just aren’t seeing the results they hope for – and deserve!
  • Want to get control of the clutter – have an organized home and an orderly work space.
  • Are looking for a new level of productivity in their careers and in their personal lives.
 “My name is Abraham Breuer. I’m an ADHD coach and I have the honor of being the moderator of the ADDA Job Seekers’ group since the beginning of May 2017. And I want to tell you – when I had Dr. Kari on board the first time, I was SO impressed. The way she articulates her questions…I was really, really, really impressed! The way I observed her coach, being a coach myself, I was so impressed, I had to call Dr. Kari immediately and tell her how well she did. And if I was looking for a coach, she was the coach of choice for myself. And I told her I’m going to refer other people to her too…”
Abraham Breuer

 “Dr. Kari is a great listener, has tons of strategies to offer and is very encouraging and supportive each step of the way. I have been a professional Masters level Counselor/Social Worker for 25 years and despite my vast knowledge and experience it’s always easier to see how to help someone else than it is to help yourself. Dr. Kari acknowledged my strengths and affirmed my abilities in our very first conversation which was, at that time, a huge boost to the negative self-talk I had been wallowing in. We will never reach our potential if we don’t have someone to help us find it, believe in it, and go for it. Dr. Kari does that! We all need a good coach and she meets all the qualifications and then some!”
Linda Larson Schlitz, MS, LISW, LPC

 “Having struggled my whole life with procrastination and other ADD-related issues that have either prevented me from reaching my full potential or destroyed my quality of life in the process of achieving my goals, I have tried every time-management and goal-setting strategy, every “planning tool” out there, spending lots of money and time chasing solutions.  Over the course of my career, I have worked with executive coaches and life coaches from whom I gained some benefit, but never enough to change the game for me mostly because—as I see it now—they treated symptoms instead of getting to the root cause of the problem.
When I started working with Kari, I was at a total impasse, about to give up on a dream I had been working towards for years and also recovering from a chronic illness probably brought on by years of stress.  Kari’s approach is the only one that has helped me to really start to transform my life because it addresses the deeper underlying causes of maladaptive behaviors like procrastination—in my case, lack of alignment with my values, cognitive distortions, and psychological defense mechanisms.
Her approach is extremely comprehensive, approaching problems from numerous angles and providing a wealth of resources to address them.  Also, having suffered from chronic illness herself, she is extremely sensitive to the unique challenges that chronic illness presents and was able to give me some excellent strategies to work through those issues as I continue to recover.
She employs helpful techniques such as recording our sessions which was really useful for review mid-way through the week to keep me on track.
If you think you’ve tried everything and nothing’s changed, I highly recommend working directly with Kari or taking one of her courses.  It is not an exaggeration to say Kari’s coaching is life-changing!

 “I am a 47-year-old woman who was diagnosed with ADD in my 40's. I am a licensed clinical social worker and practice as a therapist. I grew up knowing that I am dyslexic but thought that being easily distracted and messiness was part of my charm, not ADD. Once I got diagnosed with ADD, my struggles and behaviors made sense but I didn't have the necessary tools to make change.
I found Kari and she made all the difference. She is bright, extremely knowledgeable and an excellent teacher/ coach. She is an expert with a compassionate and fun approach. She helped me with scheduling, organization and managing my energy level. I am truly grateful for Kari.”

 “I was diagnosed with ADD three years ago, at the age of 42.  I have always struggled with time management, procrastination and completing tasks. Learning I have ADD explained why these issues have been so hard for me to fix. Before working with Dr. Miller, I did not know how to fix or control these issues.  Self-awareness is key to improvement, but without knowing what to look for, it’s hard to find it.  Since working with Dr. Miller, I have learned that defense mechanisms contribute to these issues in my life, and it make it harder to take action and get started on tasks.  I have learned to recognize fears and insecurities more quickly, and question my thoughts and feelings, which helps me to take action sooner.  I learned ways to be on time more often. It is up to me to navigate through the pitfalls of being a person with ADD.  Dr. Miller has given me the tools I need to successfully keep my eye on what I am thinking and feeling, so that I can get the job done, on time!  I highly recommend working with Dr. Miller if you are looking to be that timely, organized person you know you can be!

You can get started right away!

Learn how to …


  • Supercharge your brain so you have the maximum amount of energy, focus, and commitment all day long.
  • Get to the root cause of why you are stuck so you can defeat every type of procrastination.
  • Unlock the crucial strategies for “firing” a troublesome, time-wasting, self-confidence sucking habit and “hiring” a productive, new, values-enhancing habit.
  • Tap into your potential to create a fulfilling life with greater opportunities.
  • Show up fully in the world in precisely the manner you intend to show up.

Learn more about my coaching programs:

Individual Coaching

Helping each woman bring out her strengths and use them strategically to achieve the goals that really matter to her gives my coaching life meaning!

A fulfilling, electrifying life is waiting for YOU! It’s simply a matter of finding the path that leads you there.

The best comment I hear from my clients is “My life has completely turned around!”

Individual coaching is a good option for a woman who wants a coaching program personally tailored to her specific needs and goals.

I use all of my training, experience and caring to help you achieve remarkable results in the shortest time possible!


Group Coaching

Procrastination Revolution! Starts October 2018

Procrastination seems like an insurmountable problem, and part of the reason it seems insurmountable is because it’s not just ONE problem. There are 6 causes of procrastination!

You’ve undoubtedly tried tricks and strategies to defeat procrastination in the past, but if you were using the wrong technique for the type of procrastination that had you stuck – no wonder it didn’t work! It wasn’t supposed to work!

The Procrastination Revolution program will give you the systematic tools you need to get strategic and deliberate about defeating each and every cause of procrastination.


Do you have a goal you’d like to accomplish but weak “focusing” skills are standing in your way?


Even if you have difficulty staying on track, you do have focusing strengths!  You can discover these strengths and use them to make big changes in your life.  Get my Free Guide and learn how!

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Manage Your Energy - Manage Your Willpower!




You can’t live your best life unless you get strategic! That’s why I’m all about brain “hacks” !

And that’s one of the reasons why I love CrusherTV, hosted by my friend and productivity coach Alan Brown!

CrusherTV is an online program that helps you “unleash the power of your brain.” The show is a perfect mix of science, humor and charisma! Now you can have fun while you improve your productivity and quality-of-life!

In this episode I join Alan to talk about powerful ways to manage your energy so you get more done in less time with less stress!

If you are feeling discouraged about not being able to get things done, or find yourself losing time on activities that are “fun” in the moment but don’t fulfill any of your life’s ambitions, you can grab a copy of my free guide and start doing more of the things that matter to you!!



ADHD Success Plan For Women Audio Collection!


Experts Share Proven Techniques to
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check_mark_23x20_02-svgHear from leading experts how to manage ADHD so your true gifts can shine.

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check_mark_23x20_02-svgLeave behind the shame and regret and move to a bright, successful and self-confident future.

check_mark_23x20_02-svgSpeakers share powerful and practical tools, inspirational stories and winning strategies that will inform and empower women to reach their potential.

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ADHD Success Plan For Women Audio Collection

Wacky Ways




I am so pleased to be a contributor to the #1 Best Selling Book, “Wacky Ways to Succeed with ADHD.” You can purchase a copy on Amazon.