Tips on Home Organization for Women Who Have Adult ADD/ADHD

Try these home organizing tips if you want to put disarray in its place.

ClutterDo you have piles of “stuff” so high you can’t find what you need, or sit down to a family dinner at the table because it’s covered with piles of papers – or gasp – dirty dishes? Even if clutter is beginning to take over your home, you can bust through the confusion and get your household running more smoothly!

Tip #1 – Tap into your values

The best allies you have in the war against clutter are your most deeply felt values. Find a way to connect your most cherished beliefs to clearing away the clutter!

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Staying Organized for Adults with ADHD

When you look around your home, or office, or car…how do you feel inside –



…  or Satisfied?

Does it seem that getting organized and clearing the clutter is an impossible dream, never to be? Take heart! You can get organized when you take it step by step and focus on a powerful and effective process.

Reality check

Your clutter didn’t arrive last night by special messenger. It’s been accumulating little by little for some time.

So… New strategies for getting rid of the clutter will take time to get in place. And de-cluttering will also occur one step at a time.

Don’t rush it and don’t beat up on yourself for not moving quickly enough. You only need to take small steps, one by one – but you need to take these small steps consistently!

If you do that, if you can commit to that, your clutter will eventually disappear, and it will not return! That a nice thing to look forward to, isn’t it?

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Clutter and ADHD – Some Objects Just Refuse to Leave!

Did you read my article last week about getting and staying organized using a powerful, proven process?

OrganizedI hope so. And I hope you’ve started to put a new habit in place to tame the clutter that is tormenting you! You can read that article here if you missed it!

Are you starting to see clarity in your surroundings yet? Even just one surface that was previously hidden from view beginning to come into its own and shine forth is great progress!

Today’s post is going to help you evict those stubborn objects that, no matter how hard you try, just won’t let you remove them from your physical space!

When you come up against a challenge such as this, there is something more beneath the surface. Until you get to the root of the reason that those objects won’t budge, you won’t be able to reclaim the part of your environment they’re camped out in.

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Workplace Productivity: Tips for Concentrating and Getting More Done

women at work smallerIf poor concentration, inconsistent follow through and a feeling of being overwhelmed get in your way, you’ll want to improve your workplace productivity. Making changes that guarantee you complete your top priority tasks produces increased income and more free time for yourself and your family.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • You easily get sidetracked, jumping from task to task or thought to thought.
  • When you think about a big project it feels overwhelming and you can’t figure out how to get started, so you just put it off.
  • You schedule more things in a day than you can get done and consistently underestimate how long it will take to accomplish things – which means you’re always running behind.
  • You spend time looking for things that seem to be misplaced only to find them right in front of you.
  • Despite feeling constantly “busy” you never seem to be “productive.”
  • You feel more clear-headed, alert and focused when you drink coffee or soda, or smoke cigarettes.

Tips to managing overwhelm at work

If you are dealing with these signs of workplace overload, you’ll want to put the following workplace productivity tips into action.

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