Adult ADD/ADHD and Procrastination

Procrastination is a challenge for adults with ADD/ADHD. Procrastination can easily lead to unpleasant consequences, including fines and penalties, lost opportunities, and even broken hearts.

ProcrastinationThese seven tips are proven to bust through procrastination so you can complete boring or unpleasant tasks and get your life under control.

First of all, it’s important to reframe procrastination for what it is – an ineffective way to avoid unpleasant or overwhelming tasks.

You can take an active stand! Use these effective strategies for pushing through the tendency to let procrastination determine your fate.

 “A year from now you may wish you had started today.”
― Karen Lamb

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ADHD Symptoms and Relationship Advice

Getting Connected and Staying Connected – Relationship Advice Tips

RelationshipsWhether dating or married, all couples must contend with stresses to their relationship. However, individuals with ADHD have a greater challenge.  Studies show couples with ADHD deal with more stressors in their relationship. And they also have a higher rate of divorce and separation. Knowing how to avoid the pitfalls and connect with genuine love will grow a strong relationship.

Why are ADHD symptoms a challenge in relationships?

Adults with ADHD have difficulty with concentration during conversations, follow-through, and organization. These can put a strain on a budding relationship.

Relationship advice for conversations – use strategies to stay focused and engaged

People with ADHD often have difficulty concentrating during conversations. Their partner can mistakenly see this as a sign of being disinterested. Difficulty focusing during conversations can end a relationship before it has a chance to get off the ground.

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Adult ADD/ADHD Time Management Tips

We get more done when we are alert and focused.

Time ManagementResearch has proven that we need to refresh our bodies in order to get the most from our minds.  One of the best time management tips is using “breaks” to refresh our system so we achieve maximum productivity.

There are many kinds of refreshing “breaks” we can take in order to get more done during the day.

If you’re looking for a great time management tip, you’ll want to know all you can about using “breaks” to revitalize your body and clear your mind

It’s time to take action and refocus! Try some of my favorite types of “breaks” to refresh your body and your mind.

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How to Control Your Emotions – Managing ADHD Symptoms

One symptom of ADHD is difficulty regulating negative emotions.

EmotionsEmotions such as worry, fear or anger can easily get the best of us unless we have powerful tools to stay in control of our emotions.

When gripped by powerful negative emotions, chemical and neurological changes occur in the body. These changes are often referred to as the “fight, flight, fright, or freeze” syndrome.

When our body goes in this state, our logical, rational mind is bypassed and the primitive survival areas of the brain take charge. Under these conditions, it is difficult to think clearly and stay in control.

With logical thinking stalled or blocked, we lose access to our productive coping strategies. When this happens, we remain stuck in a cycle of emotionality and struggle. We react from instinct to protect ourselves. Reactivity encourages poor coping strategies such as blaming, quitting and denying responsibility.

In order to get back in charge, we need to break the cycle of “fight, flight, fright, or freeze”. We need to regain control of our logical decision-making skills so we can make good decisions that will help us met our goals.

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Self-efficacy is a Non-Medical Treatment for Adult ADHD

“The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”

– Ayn Rand

Empowered-LivingThe term “self-efficacy” has always excited me! It means knowing that you can “get the job done” in your life.

What I find exciting is the thought that what I do matters; the thought that I can create the results I want; that I don’t need “luck” or “timing” or “permission” – I just need “me.”

The knowledge that I can control my motivation, my behavior, and my outcomes keeps me going when times are hard. So, why did I write about self-efficacy today?

Simple. I’m a bit “bogged down.” I’m having trouble creating something of importance to me. It’s moving along, but slower than expected. I’m down on myself…(not helpful Kari, not helpful).

But I’m 100% confident that I’ll get past the “stuck point” in this project and finish it. In this case, I’m absolutely sure about me. So where did this certainty come from? From years of observation of myself and completing projects I care about. They always get done, and they get done well. Knowing that keeps me working on this project.

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Self-efficacy For All Women

self-efficacyShe’s so pretty!!!  He’s so clever!!!

Have you noticed that little girls receive very different messages from society than little boys receive?

Girls are praised for being pretty and obedient. But boys are praised for conquering obstacles.

What does this lead to? Over time it causes women and men to handle setbacks and stumbling blocks in very different ways.

From the beginning of their lives, girls are groomed to be docile, to do what they’re told and to wait for someone to bail them out!

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