“THANK YOU SO MUCH for such a wonderful phone meeting and session. It was tremendously positive and productive and left me very excited. I feel very fortunate and thank you so much for your generosity and wisdom – I felt I would have liked to talk to you for hours! (I bet all your clients feel that way.) Right off the bat it felt very productive with your engaged and perceptive insights and expertise.”

– Elizabeth G.

Welcome, it’s great to see you here!

Since you found your way to this page, I know at least one special thing about you – you want to be the most accomplished, authentically vibrant version of YOU imaginable – am I right?

Even though I don’t have ADHD, I have a real understanding of what it’s like to take your life and turn it completely around!  Kari HEAD SHOT 2015 cropped background gone 3

When I was 29, my world totally crashed down around me. Everything I knew for sure about my life was entirely overturned by a catastrophic health crisis. The most painful illnesses were interstitial cystitis, irritable bowel syndrome and dislocating knees.

I couldn’t leave my house for 5 years. It was a full 10 years before I healed enough to go back to work and finish my college education.

Every day, one step at a time, for 3,650 consecutive days, I crawled out of the deepest pit on earth.

So where am I now?…

I work a full schedule every day. In the 23 years since my health catastrophe subsided, I completed a PhD with distinction in educational psychology and mathematical statistics.

I coach women (and a few very exceptional men) who want the best life has to offer.  My health issues will never be 100% cured, but they’re under control and they don’t stop me from having a remarkable life. And ADHD doesn’t need to stop YOU!

One of the things I hear most often from my clients is how empowered they feel when they talk with me! I guess that’s got something to do with 10 years of personal suffering and refusing to give up…

Years of living through a health catastrophe, to the other side, revealed to me the keys to making life changes of SIGNIFICANT magnitude!

If you want an extraordinarily different life, you need an approach that gets to the root cause of why you are stuck and removes the obstacles!

I’ve seen it hundreds of times! One step, two steps….and before you know it… you begin playing on a new level! The next thing you know, you’ve changed your ENTIRE life! The monumental changes you’ve made remake an “unfulfilled” past into a “masterful” future.

If it’s not enough for you to keep things the way they are, if, instead, you want to handle life with a level of skill you’ve only dreamed about up until now, we should talk!

You deserve to feel better. You deserve to breathe, to relax and to have the power to make your goals and dreams come true.

You can change your story now!

Scroll on down to contact me…I’ll see ‘ya there!

With love,


“My name is Abraham Breuer. I’m an ADHD coach and I have the honor of being the moderator of the ADDA Job Seekers’ group since the beginning of May 2017. And I want to tell you – when I had Dr. Kari on board the first time, I was SO impressed. The way she articulates her questions…I was really, really, really impressed! The way I observed her coach, being a coach myself, I was so impressed, I had to call Dr. Kari immediately and tell her how well she did. And if I was looking for a coach, she was the coach of choice for myself. And I told her I’m going to refer other people to her too…”


 “Dr. Kari is a great listener, has tons of strategies to offer and is very encouraging and supportive each step of the way. I have been a professional Masters level Counselor/Social Worker for 25 years and despite my vast knowledge and experience it’s always easier to see how to help someone else than it is to help yourself. Dr. Kari acknowledged my strengths and affirmed my abilities in our very first conversation which was, at that time, a huge boost to the negative self-talk I had been wallowing in. We will never reach our potential if we don’t have someone to help us find it, believe in it, and go for it. Dr. Kari does that! We all need a good coach and she meets all the qualifications and then some!”

– Linda Larson Schlitz, MS, LISW, LPC

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 “Having struggled my whole life with procrastination and other ADD-related issues that have either prevented me from reaching my full potential or destroyed my quality of life in the process of achieving my goals, I have tried every time-management and goal-setting strategy, every “planning tool” out there, spending lots of money and time chasing solutions.  Over the course of my career, I have worked with executive coaches and life coaches from whom I gained some benefit, but never enough to change the game for me mostly because—as I see it now—they treated symptoms instead of getting to the root cause of the problem.

When I started working with Kari, I was at a total impasse, about to give up on a dream I had been working towards for years and also recovering from a chronic illness probably brought on by years of stress.  Kari’s approach is the only one that has helped me to really start to transform my life because it addresses the deeper underlying causes of maladaptive behaviors like procrastination—in my case, lack of alignment with my values, cognitive distortions, and psychological defense mechanisms.

Her approach is extremely comprehensive, approaching problems from numerous angles and providing a wealth of resources to address them.  Also, having suffered from chronic illness herself, she is extremely sensitive to the unique challenges that chronic illness presents and was able to give me some excellent strategies to work through those issues as I continue to recover.

She employs helpful techniques such as recording our sessions which was really useful for review mid-way through the week to keep me on track.

If you think you’ve tried everything and nothing’s changed, I highly recommend working directly with Kari or taking one of her courses.  It is not an exaggeration to say Kari’s coaching is life-changing!

– K.T.


testimonial 2

“I am a 47-year-old woman who was diagnosed with ADD in my 40’s. I am a licensed clinical social worker and practice as a therapist. I grew up knowing that I am dyslexic but thought that being easily distracted and messiness was part of my charm, not ADD. Once I got diagnosed with ADD, my struggles and behaviors made sense but I didn’t have the necessary tools to make change.

I found Kari and she made all the difference. She is bright, extremely knowledgeable and an excellent teacher/ coach. She is an expert with a compassionate and fun approach. She helped me with scheduling, organization and managing my energy level. I am truly grateful for Kari.”


“I was diagnosed with ADD three years ago, at the age of 42. I have always struggled with time management, procrastination and completing tasks. Learning I have ADD explained why these issues have been so hard for me to fix. Before working with Dr. Miller, I did not know how to fix or control these issues. Self-awareness is key to improvement, but without knowing what to look for, it’s hard to find it. Since working with Dr. Miller, I have learned that defense mechanisms contribute to these issues in my life, and it make it harder to take action and get started on tasks. I have learned to recognize fears and insecurities more quickly, and question my thoughts and feelings, which helps me to take action sooner. I learned ways to be on time more often. It is up to me to navigate through the pitfalls of being a person with ADD. Dr. Miller has given me the tools I need to successfully keep my eye on what I am thinking and feeling, so that I can get the job done, on time! I highly recommend working with Dr. Miller if you are looking to be that timely, organized person you know you can be!”


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