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Rise and Thrive! begins March 15, 2018

Rise and Thrive! –

The Breakthrough Productivity and Time Management System

For the Woman

Ready to Reclaim Her Time, Her Tasks, and Her Life!

My premium program for women will change your life!

Discover the five core steps to getting your life back!


Rise and Thrive will be starting soon!  Our first coaching call is March 15th and we want YOU with us!!!!!


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 Cultivating a Success Mindset

Often overlooked techniques to set yourself up for success from the start – get in touch with your greatest allies in your quest to reclaim your life – your *super weapons*! Ignoring these essential foundations practically guarantees you’ll keep struggling!


 Defeat the gremlins and tormentors that block your success

“Ninja warrior” mindset techniques that defeat the “gremlins” standing in the way of the life you deserve! You’ll learn how to identify and blast through those mental devils that riddle your life with doubt and fear and stop you before you even get going!


 Become a Master of Your Time

Learn about the different ways brains process time and how to work with your natural tendencies to get more done every day! This module will give you the tools you need to identify and hone in on your key priorities and the knowledge you need to design your own time management systems for maximum productivity.


 Defeat Procrastination and Overwhelm

If you could just get started when you knew the time had come, a whole lot of problems in your life would be melt away, wouldn’t they! Imagine what life would be like if you could just get started when you ought to get started! You’ll learn how to blast through any roadblock in the path of your own productivity. And you’ll learn strategies to get the maximum amount of energy, focus, and commitment from your brain all day long.


 “Hire” New, Productive Habits that Support Your Values!

Unlock the crucial strategies for “firing” a troublesome, time-wasting, self-confidence-sucking habit and “hiring” a productive, new, values-enhancing habit! Acquire advanced tactics for closing the “intention gap” – how to follow through and turn your intentions into actions!