Manage Your Energy – Manage Your Willpower!

You can’t live your best life unless you get strategic! That’s why I’m all about brain “hacks” !

powerupyourwillpowerAnd that’s one of the reasons why I love CrusherTV, hosted by my friend and productivity coach Alan Brown!

CrusherTV is an online program that helps you “unleash the power of your brain.” The show is a perfect mix of science, humor and charisma! Now you can have fun while you improve your productivity and quality-of-life!

In this episode I join Alan to talk about powerful ways to manage your energy so you get more done in less time with less stress!

If you are feeling discouraged about not being able to get things done, or find yourself losing time on activities that are “fun” in the moment but don’t fulfill any of your life’s ambitions, you can grab a copy of my free guide and start doing more of the things that matter to you!!

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