Turn Up The Volume!

volume maximumOne of the easiest and fastest ways to get a new habit established is to create a story around it. That’s why I love metaphors so much!   They make it really easy to explain stuff to people, they are easy to remember, and they make changing habits so much smoother.

Metaphors make intangible things like “focus” become more “real” in a unique and practical way.

So here is one of my favorite metaphors for improving your focus and concentration!

Think of the amount of focus you give to a task as being comparable to the volume setting on a radio which can be adjusted anywhere from “0” to “10”.

A setting of “0” indicates you have the volume turned down so low you can’t hear what’s being broadcast.

A “10” indicates you can loudly, clearly, and comfortably hear everything coming through.

Having a reference point – particularly one that stimulates one of your senses, in this case hearing – will give you a way to monitor your level of focus and more easily recognize when you need to make adjustments.

Using this technique-

The next time you are actively and passionately involved in some task, stop and notice how it feels in your body. Pay particular attention to the sensations in your stomach and lungs. Believe it or not, these areas of your body are extremely sensitive to fluctuations in your level of interest in an activity.

The way it feels to you when you are passionately “in the zone” is the equivalent of a “10” on your focus volume dial!

To make the association really stand out to you, compare the way you feel when you are doing a boring or uninteresting task to the way you feel when you are really enjoying what you’re doing. Notice how your stomach and lungs feel when you are really bored and disinterested. This is a setting of “0” on your focus volume dial.

You can make this technique work for you if you make it a habit to notice of how high your focus volume is set while you’re performing any task. You’ll need more focus for tasks that are less interesting and require more attention to detail.

Ways to “turn up the volume”-

When you notice that you’re losing concentration, remind yourself that you need to “turn up the volume” on your “focusing radio”!!

When you need to “turn up the volume” use one of the RAS Stimulators or Dopamine Dosers I shared in my guide FOCUS Strategies for Women with ADHD, A Proven System to Stay Attentive, on Target and in Control. You can get a copy on the homepage of my website if you haven’t gotten it yet.

Try this radio volume metaphor to “ramp up” your focus and let me know how it works for you! Leave me a comment below!

Remember to “turn up the volume” today!

2 thoughts on “Turn Up The Volume!

  1. Thank you for your good work, Dr Kari!
    Driving to the flea market is boring… setting up is tedious and difficult. Meeting people, helping them find joy and beauty and creating a beautiful environment are where I naturally focus and why I am doing it.
    In the car, to wake up and focus on driving safely (attentively), I visualize a successful day ( what all takes place after the prep is completed well) and I find myself letting out a big woo-hoo! I noticed that right after this yell, I am awake and alert, and smiling! Now, I do this every time as soon as I am out of the driveway – as loud as I can – and I repeat it throughout my drive saying things like “show me the money honey” “i luuuuuuve it”
    I didn’t realize how much excitement (& dopamine) is available to me when I tap into it from a mental picture or “big idea in an area of passionate interest”

    • Extraordinary comment, Teresa! You’ve put it perfectly 🙂 That’s dopamine hacking at its finest, and I suspect some serotonin hacking as well coming from the thought of the value you bring to others and the success you have with your business! Keep up the wonderful “hacking”! You can extend it to any other area of your life that could use a “jump start.”

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